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 “Today, you have 100% of your life left.” – Tom Landry


My husband and I started training with Todd almost 16 years ago after witnessing the incredible strides our daughter made on the soccer field; she got faster, stronger and was more fit!  I am happy to report similar results in my own life (although I was not offered a soccer scholarship as a result!!) In only a matter of months, my strength and stamina improved, not too mention my over-all appearance--strangers actually stopped me and asked if I was a personal trainer!! When asked how I transformed my body, my answer was always the same, “Todd!” He also mentored me in changing  my diet in order to reach my fitness goals (and appearance!)  His knowledge of physiology rivals that of any physical therapist, helping me recuperate after a recent fall on the ice. I highly recommend Todd for every member of the family!  You’ll look better, feel better, and your mind/cognition will markedly improve as well. Give yourself the gift of private sessions with Todd for the New Year--it will transform your body, mind and spirit. At 70, I guarantee it : ))

Dr. Audrey Boxwell

My family (wife & two kids ( in their 20's)) and I have been working with Todd Finn for over 10 years.  Todd is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of training.  He has helped my wife and I to be in the best shape of our lives, while we are in our mid-fifties.  Todd is very diligent in understanding what each member of my family is trying to accomplish with their training and develops unique programs for each of us to achieve our goals.  He has been very helpful in guiding each of us through aches, pains and injuries ( and he is very keen to understand what the cause of any discomfort may be before implementing a program to combat the issue).  Todd was also able to assist my son, a Division 1 Hockey player, to gain the strength he needed to compete and excel during the long and grueling hockey season.  Bottom line,  Todd is the consummate professional when it comes to training and personal well being.  I will not work with anyone else!

Aaron Pusar

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