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“Difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter.” ~ Dan Reeves


Strength and conditioning is traditionally thought to exist only in the training of the healthy athlete, while rehabilitation is for the athlete who has been injured. However, strength and conditioning is a key component when it comes to rehabilitation from injury. Surgery or immobilization causes muscles to weaken and lose mass (atrophy) within days.

During recovery, building and strengthening the structures e.g. ligaments, tendons and muscles around previously damaged or injured joints helps support and take load and pressure off the joint itself. This in turn will reduce pain and discomfort while helping build the affected area back to full function.

Pre-habilitation is based on the idea that patients with a higher functional capacity, or fitness level, will better tolerate a surgical procedure, have fewer post-operative complications and demonstrate better functional, psychological, and surgical outcomes. A pre-surgical training program focuses on strengthening muscles and joints in the affected area which helps the patient to recover quicker by improving coordination, assisting with a wider range of motion, and reducing pain after surgery. 

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